Send me a “ø” and I’ll generate a number, your muse will receive one of the following from mine:

  1. A confession.
  2. A lengthy lecture.
  3. My muse for two nights.
  4. A night time cuddle coupon.
  5. A gift.
  6. A strip tease.
  7. A passionate kiss.
  8. A nose kiss.
  9. One day where they can do whatever they want to my muse.
  10. A date.
  11. A romantic night out.
  12. A girl’s/boy’s night out.
  13. My muse has to live out one fantasy for your muse.
  14. A hot make out session.
  15. A drink at the bar.
  16. A dinner made by my muse.
  17. A free trip to a carnival with my muse.

cynthias-heart-and-mind asked:

"A queen is never late, everyone else is simply early. .."

theadventuringdoctor answered:

The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagment Sentence Meme

The Doctor chuckled softly. “But, my dear, you were two hours late.” He said, tapping her nose gently.

Cynthia smirked and stuck her tongue out at him. She scrunched up her nose ,” not my fault ! You where the one who wanted to stop by convenient market. .”.