Appearance [Starter Sentences]

  • "A different color may suit you better."
  • "Don't change, it looks good."
  • "How do you get your hair like that?"
  • "I like that outfit on you."
  • "I'm jealous of how pretty you are."
  • "Is that an engagement ring?!"
  • "Is that really your natural hair color?"
  • "Maybe you should try it on in a different color."
  • "That dress is beautiful on you."
  • "That is some expensive jewelry."
  • "Wow, you look amazing."
  • "Wow, your eyes are gorgeous."
  • "You have the prettiest hair!"
  • "You look hideous."
  • "You're short."
  • "You're tall."

cynthias-heart-and-mind asked:

*pins you against the wall and kisses you* ((Pass on to the the first ten on your dash))

ruler-of-the-tides answered:

((Yes to the starter, unfortunately not for the passing, I don’t do that sorry))

Loki’s eyes widened, then closed with a smirk. He pulled away, looking into her eyes. “Oh, what brought this on, Cynthia?~”






As he came fully to his knees, he looked up and placed his hands in her hips. Pulling her around gently, he continued to look up at her face so she could exactly what he looked like now.

He grinned as he turned her around, baring his sharpened teeth in his usual smile. Still looking up at her, it faded as he groaned as slowly licked up her thigh, inching towards her heat.

The brunette looked at Loki as he got to his knees. She felt a sharp chill as his tongue crept along her pale thigh. Clenched her fists as she watched the god make his way to her wet quim.

He closed his eyes and moaned as his long tongue drew along her entrance, and his lengthened arms drew down to the side of her thighs, holding them tightly. He pulled her legs apart as gently as he could considering his claws, and hummed as he opened his eyes to view her quim.

A dark and sexy -or what he thought at least- smile came over his face as he drew his tongue back to her, licking her slowly up, the tip of his tongue gently circling her sensitive bundle of nerves. She always made the most beautiful sounds when he used his tongue on her.

Cynthia gulped as his sharp claws separated her legs. She gave a sharp breath as he messed with her clit. She placed her hands on her stomach as she moaned softly, squirming a little. “M…master…” she murmured quietly.

He hummed in response to her, drawing back from her to lick his lips sensually. He groaned at her taste, his fingers trailing up to her cunt and cupping her mound, baring his teeth in another smile as he felt her wetness on his clawed fingers. As he spoke, his words slurred together, his changed mouth giving his words a more serpentine feeling.

"Ssso wet for me….naughty naughty~"

Cynthia watched his hand go to her wet quim. Another shiver went through her body when he touched her. She blushed , submissively nodding her head.

cynthias-heart-and-mind asked:

Cynthia sat down across from Kevin in the Juvy visiting center, dark circles under her eyes.

insertmyfalsnamehere answered:

Kevin sat back in his chair, looking at Cynthia with cold eyes. A scar on his nose and his eye was still purple “Missed me?”

Cynthia tried her best to avoid eye contact with him. She began to shake softly as she messed with her sleeves. She gave a lick of her lips,” I…don’t know…that’s a bit of a conflicting question..going on in my head. ..”.